How to help becoming Yoga Instructor

Yoga Students Assisting to become Yoga Instructor  – RYT 200 or RYT 500


As most of you already know, a physical assist is for the purpose of adjusting a student into proper alignment in a Yoga class. So, why make such a “fuss” over it? One student may see something as an assist – while another may feel you have crossed the line into sexual harassment.

What should Yoga teachers know about giving an assist before a potential problem arises? As a Yoga instructor, or body worker, you should have clear cut policies concerning many things, but let’s focus on physical assists for now. Your release forms for Yoga students should explain what a student can, and cannot, expect from an assist; and you should get their permission in writing.

This is one good reason why you should never let a new student into a class without filling out the necessary applications and having a meeting about their expectations. This gives potential students a chance to be informed as to what to realistically expect from Yoga. In the process, he or she can agree to a physical assist or refuse it on the spot.

This policy of clear cut information, and an interview before classes, is good for the teacher and the student. From the start, you are developing the student / teacher relationship and creating a rapport with new students.

With this said, now you understand one more logical reason why students, who arrive late to a Yoga training session, are refused. It is bad enough to contend with interruptions in the flow of your lesson plan. Now, add to this that a student should do a warm-up before jumping into class. When a student is injured, in one of your classes, you will ultimately take responsibility.

The previously mentioned scenario has the potential for a liability suit. In the words of a friend and attorney of mine, “Anyone can be sued, but that does not mean every plaintiff will successfully win a case.”

As an experienced Yoga instructor you should always take care of students alignment and rendering your the best with equivalent level of attention to every students.

Students are also advised to follower their instructors instead saying – I do not like this or will not do this asana or this chanting is useless.

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training School – Rules & Guidelines is followed by Standard set by Yoga Alliance,USA.


One comment on “How to help becoming Yoga Instructor

  1. Jack Watson says:

    Beautifully & briefly described , Its a very clear picture of what kind of guide lines must be followed .There are some Yoga retreat centres in India where you can get a very genuine teaching enviorment.

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